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Dieuvie GERARD

Photogaph artist

Dieuvie#Gerard ; D#G

“What you read today, I will change tomorrow. Because my mind is not frozen in time. ”

* Presentation


I'm 24 years old ! the day this autobiography is written.

I was born in 1995, in Brazzaville, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And I arrived in France in 2004, at the age of 9.


From divorced parents, I lived until the age of 18 with my mother, in Quimper (Brittany). There followed two years of training in photography in Rennes and two more in BTS Communication in Angers.



* Background


Two passions have built the foundations of my work: explorations (hiking, travel, roadtrip, etc.) and photography .


Since I learned to walk I have never stopped. Exploring the streets of the districts, the districts of the cities, the cities of the regions, ... Today to go around the countries, so that one day, I will be able to speak around the world.


Walking is the essence of my life and my work. Without it, no discovery, no meeting, no project, no production.


"Seeing" was not enough, I wanted to bring part of this world home, the most beautiful flowers, the most beautiful structures, the most beautiful waves, the most beautiful stars, the most beautiful smiles ... But also rains, storms, degradations, tears, abandoned objects and beings. So photography is my best ally to capture all of these elements. Because I know that a world is made up of a whole, a nothing and a vision.


A vision specific to each, which changes, which evolves and which can be common to others. It was from there that I told myself that I would never be able to get tired of this profession, of these two passions.


Being passionate about various activities, I did not only want to become a photographer but rather "photographer artist". This gave free rein to my creativity and my overflowing curiosity!



* Goals


It is always difficult to speak of purpose when one works on instinct and intuition.


My first motivation to travel is my physical and mental well-being. Refocus on myself, redefine my priorities, remember my goals, be aware of my strengths and weaknesses in order to exploit them. Open up to the world, open up to others. Just be disconnected from the virtual world to be fully in the real world.


My second motivation is directly linked to the practice of photography. Traveling makes me attentive to everything that happens, at the slightest movement, at the slightest silence. It is a perfect exercise to develop the photographer's eye. An eye that we all have the capacity to develop since it also bears the name of the 3rd eye.


When we are used to a place, we don't bother to observe. We walk with our heads down or our heads in our screens. Conversely, being in an unknown place forces us to look, to admire, to find inspiration. One reason why even when I go for a walk with my dog ​​in the neighborhood, I say to myself "it's gone for a new adventure, a new journey", therefore, I remain attentive.


Besides, always from a professional point of view, it also allows me to improve my technique and my skills.



* Goals


Every day I have new goals which I consider to be challenges and which will lead me to the end of my personal and professional work. So I let myself be guided by my intuition because he is the only one who knows my destiny.


Vis-à-vis the people who will follow my work, I would like to share my travel experience through advice and tips to encourage everyone to believe in their dreams, to open up to themselves and to the world.


It is true that most people today are forced not to go on a trip for lack of money because they always aim for a distant and expensive destination. However, a weekend and 20 euros are enough to get some fresh air, to change the idea, to discover, to take a break.


In terms of photographic work, I would like to collaborate with motivated and inspiring people to put my photography skills to use in their projects.



* Conclusion


My websites are showcases that expose my work, but also the results of my knowledge. You could see photography there, like texts, videos, wellness practices, etc.

This world is both small and vast. Many of us live there at the same time but few want to discover it. I am both an all and nothing. But in my lifetime I intend to exploit the whole that lies dormant in me.



Before wanting to go around the world, I decided to go around the neighborhood. And I realized that the neighborhood was part of the world

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